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Hawker Audax, K5600

Hawker Audax, K5600 was constructed under Air Ministry contract 406498 and placed on charge 5th March 1937. There are a number of Westland inspection stamps on various parts and the aircraft is likely to have been sub-contracted to Westland, who were sub-contractors of Hawker-designed aircraft. The aircraft went to 226 Army Co-Operation Squadron, then to 2nd School of Army Co-operation and to 10 MU on 8th June 1939. It finished up at No.10 School of Technical Training, Kirkham, Liverpool on 26th September 1940. The remains of the aircraft were purchased ten years ago from a Cheshire scrap yard. It was collected from a wooded area where trees had grown through the wings. It is a particularly rare survivor of the type as no other Audax is believed to exist.

Hawker Audax

Wing Span : 37ft 3in (11.35 m).
Length : 29ft 7in (9.02 m).
Height : 10ft 5in (3.17 m).
Power-plant : Kestrel X ( De-rated ) 530hp.
Weight : 4386 lb (1993 kg).
Maximum Speed : 170 mph (272 km/h).
Service Ceiling : 21,500 ft (6556 m).
Endurance : 3.5 hours.
Armament : 1x fixed forward- firing
0.303 (7.7 mm) Vickers Mk. II,
1x 0.303 (7.7 mm) Lewis
flexible gun rear cockpit
Bomb load : 8x 20 lb bombs under wing
on racks.